Email marketing is very effective way for promoting your business to any Clint or customer. You can communicate directly with customers and others by email. You can get here a good result without spending a lot of money. It can be an effective way for small business owners to reach current customers, find new customers.

BD WEB SOFT is the leading Email marketing service provider in Bangladesh. We have 4,00,000+ e-mail address of different business organization and their owners. We also have 8,00,000+ e-mail address of students and employees. So if you want to promote your product then you can reach almost 12,00,000+ people at a time.

Benefit of Email Marketing

  • Get Quick response & quick delivery.
  • Lowest cost and highest return.
  • Directly reach your product to the targeted people.
  • You can link website address and email address directly.
  • You can use unlimited space for advertisement.
  • You can use picture and text on mail body. Beside this, you can use feedback form in email.
  • You can increase your sells by email marketing. Beside this your company gets a brand position.
  • Email will delivered by using your company email. Thats why you will get any kind of reply in your email from clients.

Why you choose BD WEB SOFT for batter email marketing service

 Effective cost.

Specific Clients area.

Inbox delivery 80-90% .

All time customer support.

Spam and bounce detector available.

One by one email sending system.

Free consultancy for smart advertisement.

Automatically email delivery by Email marketing software.

Picture can add in body. No need to attachment picture file.